ComScoreIn the last year, we’ve again seen significant developments in the digital landscape and Social Network audiences, mobility and connectivity are all growing.

In this webinar presentation, comScore and Shareablee explore the State of Social Media in Brazil and the metrics that every organization should use when determining social ROI.

Some of the highlights from the presentation include:

  • Brazil is the largest country in Latin America in terms of Average Daily Visitors to social media websites.
  • In Brazil, the average minutes per visit on Social Media is larger than the average in each of the five major global regions.
  • Making up 10% of the Total Minutes spent globally on Social Media, Brazil ranks second for the total time spent on Social Media.
  • In Brazil, the number of fans on Facebook pages increased 179% between January 2013 and June 2014.

See the presentation: http://bcove.me/xv2p6z3a

Original post: http://www.comscore.com/Insights/Presentations-and-Whitepapers/2014/The-State-of-Social-Media-in-Brazil-and-the-Metrics-that-Really-Matter


Syndicated by Lisandra Maioli


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